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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  September 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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you always wonder how the family and the spouse feels mrs. ravee wants to talk to me about it. on fox. only with the. tomorrow. >> i accept the nomination. >> who are you voting for in november? why are the choices we will hear from the other candidate. does he have good ideas if we go down the obama path we will be so far down the path we may not recover. >>
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>> stuart alexander president of the united states. fighting to abolish the irs. >> better than romney o or obama's? party crashers. and that is our show. john: a sporting events. two candidates competing there are other people in the ring they have better ideas that obama or mitt
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romney? why should we even care? they probably will not win. matt welch says we should care because, i will let them explain. declaration of independence sing it can fix what is wrong and also running the candidate for ralph nader and author of "grand illusion." >> the two parties ask stack the deck against independent candidates starting with the ballot to laws which is the number one problem. how do i get off the ballot?
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john: just give a bunch of signatures. >> tens of thousands are hundreds. >> you may have to get 2 million signatures to protect yourself from people who tried to knock you off the ballot who less you interrupt the predictable outcome. john: of the system was more open they would be better off? >> when the two parties alternate like endanger the drug war there would be discussed in a way that had a healthier discourse. john: most americans do not like these ideas.
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>> they have said consistently popular for a long time. politicians try very hard not to put public opinion on them in the third party discussion forces the conversation and break the log jama terrible policy. john: some people sailboat for it johnson takes away mitt romney's chances. you ran the campaign of ralph nader baker hughes you because of bush. do you feel bad? >> not at all. [applause] that is the job. like removal from
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afghanistan raising the minimum wage adjusted for inflation go after corporate crime fraud and abuse when you look at all of the hurdles third-party candidates have to go through. besides signatures, lack of media coverage. to get the cartel of commission on presidential debates keeps a third parties since ross perot. john: you have to have 15% of the popular vote. that seems reasonable. we are a two-party country we saw the republican side with 10 candidate. >> ralph nader got 2.7% all
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these journalists are subsidizes at $100 million. of those 15,000 journalist how many covered the candidate that receive 2.7%? it was called working for change dot com. it is amazing the status quo that exist that people have. it gets them out of position who can come in. john: did make a good decision. it is the independent commission. i guess they said to the rules. [laughter] >> absolutely. we have not had a candidate
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since ross perot. john: we have a graph of 92 then again in '96 and got less john anderson 6% rolf nader the libertarian less than half of dade%. >> it is chicken and egg with no media or participation and they cannot have the attention to talk about the platform. it is not a situation where democrats and republicans are entitled to the but. they have to earn about like every other candidate. [applause] >> half of voting age americans don't go. are those people represented?
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feet independents are the largest group. it is around 40% of the population. if you say none of the above john: then why isn't there a grand swap -- groundswell? >> a couple of reasons people want to feel their vote affects the process. if i vote for gary johnson how does that help? also the impediment to have them involved at all. >> one group is talking about hosting other debates.
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other groups make sure bala access has there was to take away the difficulty difficulty, electronic college, financing campaigns , it marinates in corporate cash. john: government cash of public financing. i call it taken by force giving it to the big candidates. ralph nader received $900,000. of course, bush got a 75 million and so did john kerry. >> we have that for the same reason of public parks and public schools if not for purchase had remake the common good available to all?
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and you got half of a billionaires' rolodex? >> it end up 75 /1 for the person using our money. with a pile and bundy bonds you can raise money and not take mine to do it. [applause] but why third parties are not popular but people use the two-party process to shake things up. it is happening more now with the tea party people who were in the primary to change their behavior. it is happening a little bit with the democratic side the representative from el paso going to congress he is good drove war.
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people can use modern technology to make them behave differently. john: progress. matt welch. theresa amato. one-party that does not get much coverage is the green party to pay for commercial. >> it means the end to unemployment, foreclosure, s tudent debt, a climate change, end of corporate rule. i and the green party candidate for president. we are proud to approve the message. >> i am not. [laughter] she gears and -- guarantees a job for every person but after agreeing to appear she change her mind and will not
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answer questions on this show. but other candidates are here and all are on the ballot starting with gary johnson of the libertarian party. [cheers and applause]
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[applause] john: it's not easy to get on the presidential ballot. you have to get hundreds of thousands of people to sign a petition i wanted this candidate on my state's ballot. one candidate succeeded in nearly every state. gary johnson. libertarian candidates. [applause] libertarian. what does that mean? >> fiscally responsible, socially excepting meeting most of americans. more liberal than a bomb and more conservative than romney. john: use started as door to
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door handyman that has more than 1,000 employees now running for governor and one twice in the democratic state. you cut spending. [applause] i may have vetoed more bills than the other 49 combined. [laughter] in a state two /1 democrat i should have been written out but it speaks volumes people appreciate good stewardship of tax dollars. i feel that i delivered. john: how come only pulled at 4.3%? >> that would build on itself if i was just recognized nationally.
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people could say who the hell is gary johnson? just the attention with that. take a look at my resume. nothing suggest five would not pursue what i talk about [applause] john: you cut 1 trillion of spending? >> 1.4 trillion balanced-budget now or we will find ourselves within a monetary collapse. john: you would cut the programs? be repeatable are debating who will spend more on medicare. we have to cut it three will have nothing. same with the military. talk about the big three. john: but if you really stop
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the growth we would be in better shape. >> i will propose 43% of reduction of government spending or wing and printing fed asea on the way we save the country. john: people would start industry this semi that is a reaction i got in mexico. only to people over wrote the legislation. kids would start and people would die in the streets. none of that happened. i was reelected. [applause] john: health care for all of people? >> medicaid for the poor. i believe it would block grant 43% less money that i
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kid effected believe oversee the delivery with less money. that is a template for medicare for those over 65. give it to the states as laboratories and innovation. we'll have best practice and spectacular failure. washington top-down has us in this situation now. john: and the war. terrorists when. >> because of our military intervention hundred of millions of been amazed but for our intervention we would not have. [applause] military spending should go back at 2003 levels.
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we should provide with strong national defense not offense or nation-building. building roads and schools and highways in other countries. we have the same needs here. [applause] >> i am gary johnson. this is the united states constitution. this is not. it is the tax code. >> when this simple equal rights for all the other is extremely complex, a capitalism, the root of all evil. individual say groups paid for loopholes and sell those. abolished irs comment income-tax. john: but you want some government. >> replace with the national
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consumption tax. i embrace the fairfax look at their tax did zero or gingrey boots the economy i think they would issue pink slips to half of the lobbyist. john: legalize marijuana control it and legalize it. 3-1/2 of a law-enforcement, the courts what the 2.3 million people there on nonviolent crimes out of jail. marriage equality is on par with civil-rights of the sixties and constitutionally guaranteed. [applause] john: now a one dither
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candidates to question new people recognize those two gentlemen virgil goode won the nomination of the constitution party and stuart alexander from the socialist party. >> i have heard enough 551. >> if you look at cuts in medicare and social security what type of slashing are you talking about seniors? >> lido need to cut social security it needs to take in more than what it pays out.
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raising that age also the in place generate the awp den and opt out provision. >> raising the age level to what? >> actuarially sound. 72? but it is a bubble. medicare medicated we don't save them the alternative is nothing. not contain the military is an issue and the biggest is borrowing and printing money we cannot afford. >> what is your type of fair tax? >> and national consumption tax. cost neutral over a short amount of time because there
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters.
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pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verin. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. [applause] john: we are back with our other presidential candidates. stuart alexander nominated by the socialist party. >> we believe in working people should control the
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destiny of their communities commendation, and the resources, a distribution of. the factories and businesses should belong to the people. john: the government should take away to give it to the workers? >> no. it is important people have cooperatives in their communities. but the government has massive interference at county state and federal level. john: you are against regulation? >> feel regulation, the abundance at all levels is a
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stranglehold for people to manage their own affairs. people should determine the destiny for their community whether fixing the schools, highways, the properties, people should do this without massive interference from government. john: we agree. [laughter] you want to end the war and nationalize the bank with the single-payer health care system and free cradle to grave education where do get the money? >> i went to dominion state
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university in the '70s. it was free. people cannot understand that. yours probably was. now we stop tens of thousands of dollars. >> big corporations and businesses are not paying their fair share. john: should i call you comrade? you have this low bid from the marxist communist manifesto. >> workers of the world should unite. john: marxism? on that note, a panel you can pose questions. not those of the left. >> du support living wage
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legislation at $10 per hour? why not go straight to at $75 per hour? >> a socialist party we're at $15 per hour and a think that is not enough. for people to live in a one-bedroom apartment is over $1,000 per month. $10 an hour they make about 1600 per month per of taxes a person cannot live off of $1,400. >> why not 75?
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200? >> there needs to be balance taking care of the economic needs of our committees. >> if you were president, was a use sine legislation repealing obamacare? >> first of all, i do think it needs to be repealed but to introduce legislation repealed first of our provisions and next to make certain we incorporate single-payer. john: more government. we will get to that later. up next, the third-party candidate according to some
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may keep mitt romney from defeating barack obama in virginia. next. [applause]
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john: our third presidential candidate is from the constitution party. have been at a copy of the constitution and the declaration of independence. is short telling politicians what they may not do. i like the slogan slower,
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less costly government virgil goode immediately balance the budget. every department should face significant cuts or eliminated entirely. >> department of education. [applause] national public broadcasting and no funding president of campaigns are any campaigns. i will not take taxpayer dollars. that is $180 million. let them pay for their own conventions. >> protect from unnecessary ford wars? >> we would not be involved unless following the constitution congress declared war. [applause]
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john: we should not be in afghanistan although they supported those of 9/11? >> it is up to congress. that is up to the congress. john: but then use troops to stop the invasion from mexico. reduce illegal immigration. english is the open shall language. >> but we have a huge invasion of our country from south of the border. we need to stop all illegal immigration we need to balance the budget it costs billions of dollars. legal immigration, not a student visa i am a near
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complete moratorium of green card emissions that means you can go anywhere until unemployment is under 5%. we need to have jobs and united states first for united states citizens. john: term limits? >> those are almost of the constitution but would jefferson and madison and those writing with "the federalist papers" they decided not to adopted because most will my sir few terms then go back to the jobs they had. i was there. part of the problem people are so worried about the
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next election they will not make the hard choices that we would do to balance the budget. we are headed for a disaster if you don't. that makes tough choices. people in your audience will be bad. but if not the 16 trillion will soar. with term limits many members of congress would say i will not worry about the next fund-raiser but the next generation. [applause] john: let me go to my panel. you to on the left don't get enough time? >> one question with the
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cause dissension you would -- constitution. that does not fit in the constitution. >> the national defense authorization act unconstitutional search and seizure. it provides the authorization of funding troops it also provides authorization of what mr. alexander talks about, unconstitutional authority for the president to exterminate someone. >> your position on the war are drugs? >> i do not support legalizing marijuana or other drugs. you will not find that in hear. [laughter] because the founding fathers
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did not know about that. >> jefferson said his best time was out of the veranda smoking weed? [laughter] >> i don't think so. >> by a virginia. >> tempore on the veranda? >> the audience gets to grow the candidates. so do you. next. now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe
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[applause] john: now we hear from you. where back with libertarian candidate gary johnson, socialist candidate stuart alexander and constitutional party, virgil goode. this is where gary johnson.
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>> one of the unintended consequence is because the government guarantees student loans why tuition is so high. if they made a decision if they could afford it to your kids would go to college because it is so unaffordable and college would cut prices because there is no demand. >> you stated you would cut government spending but also the moratorium on immigration from mexico. how do justify the great expense that would go a chancre? a lot of labor from california are illegal workers. >> illegal state jobs from u.s. citizens. they should go first to u.s.
9:51 pm
citizens. it cost billions of dollars. if you have a child automatic citizen. medicaid, food stamps. john: most of the mark -- work. >> a child gets it. a lot of the illegals get public assistance but first you should produce naturalization certificate, birth certificate and they go papers. >> what is your view on environmental protection? >> has of it right to protect us from groups that protect us from harm. i promise a balanced budget with 43% reduction of the epa but it protects us against polluters.
9:52 pm
as the governor of the mexico there are. who shut some down but the government? the benny individuals don't have the deep pockets of the polluting corporations. john: from facebook : >> when we look at the roots of this country in the thirties coming out of the depression and, we implemented many socialist programs. even two-day benefits from the post office. john: but for the society? >> it was a socialist
9:53 pm
program. even fannie mae freddie mac. look at models this is a good model. but many of those eventually are privatized or if they are a debt burden then turned back over for a bailout. john: is there any socialist society? >> is a cause i socialist society in the u.s. to seven on that note to. thank you. stuart alexander. matt welch. virgil goode. gary johnson. i will tell you about my favorite third-party.
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this is a test.
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>> the law that is perpetuated is that we have to have a two-party system. we are going to have problems politically until we have a third party. >> neil cavuto was talking about the candidate that makes the most sense for me. most of the others make so many promises, that they sound almost as silly as the green party candidate. >> green means a guaranteed job for every american. a new economy fueled by renewable energy and no more student debt.
9:58 pm
john: let's get real. all of the candidates think of themselves as freeloaders. but they are not. i am a libertarian in part because i see the false choice offered by political left and right, either government control over the economy or government control of our personal lives. democrats think it is income inequality. republicans think that the opposite is true. let them advocate moral behavior and let them give to charities but leave the government out of it. that is why i like gary johnson. >> if after four years we decide more war and more control and higher taxes are what you really want, you can always go back into office again. john: that would be good. what about drug use and poverty.
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let no one be coerced by government. beyond a small amount needed to fund a limited government that keeps us safe. do not let government forcibly take other people's money. most people think problems are things that are solved by law. they assume it is just laziness or stupidity of the other side's politicians that prevent government from solving our problems government is inefficient. and government is force. that is why it is better if government doesn't try to address most of life's problems. there is nothing the government can do that we cannot do better as free individuals and groups of individuals working together voluntarily. without big government, possibilities are


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